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1. Describe what you feel is your most important role as the CEO of your Company?

My most important role is to maintain a “big picture” focus. My job is to provide leadership, vision, and support to my team, investors, stakeholders, and clients. Every day I have an obligation to be better than I I was the day before. My job to prepare my company for the future; I’m a futurist.

2. You work with several well known individuals and celebrities, who are some of them that HAVE impacted YOU, the most?

I’ve been very fortunate in my career to work with several high profile individuals, everyone one them have impacted me in some form or fashion. However, some people that have impacted me for up close and some from afar. At any rate, the individuals that have impacted the way I think has been Zig Ziglar, Ken Blanchard, Mark Zuckerberg, Shawn Carter, Bill McDermott, Scooter Braun, Maverick Carter, Martin Scorsese, Lebron James, and Steve Wozinak. I so respect how each of them. They’ve dominated their area of expertise. They never rest on their laurels,(believe me they could) but no, they all strive to be the best of the best and to be the best version of themselves. And I like that a lot!

3. WHY ARE YOU SO PASSIONATE ABOUT Charity and Philanthropy?

I’m passionate about charity because I believe that to whom much is given, much is required. I have been so blessed in my life; it’s my obligation to give back. I am very happy about our philanthropic work, The Gibson Sylvestre Family Foundation. We have served in many developing countries, cities, and towns building schools; feeding the homeless, and many other educational initiatives. I am so passionate about helping others and empowering them to eventually be in a position where they can pay it forward and assist others.

4. When it’s all over, how do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered by the principles I stood for. I want to be remembered by how I used my blessings to alleviate extreme poverty, illiteracy, hunger, and I want to be remembered by the fact that I stood for a purpose much bigger than myself.

5. What other CEOs do you admire and respect?

I respect what Bill Gates is doing over at his foundation. He has the right idea. I like what Tony Robbins is doing with his organization. I also like what I see is going on at Whole Foods with John Mackey.

6. You speak, you write books, and podcast; why do you value communication so much?

I feel every one of us has a vital voice. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give many people that opportunity. The great Greek philosopher Plato once said, “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” I feel I truly have some relevant things to contribute to the business world of today. Especially companies that are more philanthropically-minded. I’m passionate about tech, AI, and augmented reality. I have some unique collaborative ideas with respect to how these new technologies can be used to solve some of humanity’s greatest misfortunes and calamities. I also see how these new technologies can revolutionize the way we do communication.

7. What are 7 words that describe you best?

Agreeable, loving, observant, quick-witted, curious, happy, and abundance.

About Gibson Sylvestre , MBA
Mr. Gibson Sylvestre, MBA has been coaching people to be the best version of themselves for over two decades. He has traveled to over 50 nations around the world bringing his positive message of transformation and change. He is the Chairman & CEO of Infinite Possibilities International a top ranked business management consulting firm.
He has earned a master’s degree in Business Administration & Corporate finance. Mr. Sylvestre has challenged and distinguished himself by taking online courses at Harvard University and MIT.
He has coached professional athletes in the NBA and NFL as well as other professional sports to be peak performers. He has shared the stage with U.S. Presidential candidates, Harvard graduates, as well as top CEOs and executives. He has coached top executives as well as helped individuals overcome addiction.
Mr. Gibson Sylvestre is a distinguished member of THE GUILD® elite platform that offers business leaders from all over the world the opportunity to obtain proven expertise by top experts. THE GUILD® curates the top subject matter experts to solve hard business problems, as a cost-effective alternative to internal staffing or traditional consulting. He is a graduate of Life Work Leadership® an invite-only CEO group that emphasizes balancing family life, business life, and community engagement.
Gibson Sylvestre a best-selling author he has written several poignant books such as:
Staying Positive In A Negative World, The Science of Internet Marketing, The Science of Business Mastery, Supersize Your Life, Leadership Sideways, Being A Promotable Person, Transformational Leadership
In 2010, Mr. Gibson Sylvestre was named African American Achiever Distinguished Nominee presented by Jim Moran Family Enterprises and Southeast Toyota. In addition, Mr. Sylvestre was the recipient of the National Minority Leadership Award presented by the United States Achievement Academy. Mr. Sylvestre is a distinguished expert — a platform that hosts the world’s top thought leaders like Tony Robbins, Ken Blanchard, Oprah Winfrey, Gibson Sylvestre, and Dave Ramsey.
Gibson’s relentless desire to help others succeed has led him to reach countless lives around the globe. Many have been inspired to reach their untapped potential.
To find out about his work, podcast, or brand visit:
Celebrity Endorsements
“Gibson, thank you for your fascinating book. I have read through it on the plane flying home. It is an answer to prayer.”
— Barbara Bush-Former First Lady of the United States of America/wife of George H.W. Bush, 41st president & mother of George W. Bush, 43rd president of the U.S.
“Ever since I met Gibson Sylvestre, I’ve admired his energy and enthusiasm for helping people become the best version of themselves. When he speaks, he speaks from the heart — with knowledge and experience that can help any individual or organization be better than they are today.”
— Dr. Ken Blanchard -Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action/World’s Leading Management Expert
“Ever since I met Gibson Sylvestre his positive energy was contagious. He genuinely loves people and you can’t fake that! He is sharp, intelligent, and a master communicator. He has the perfect skills to assist large corporations as well as individuals succeed in life or in business. Gibson is America’s choice for anyone seeking to take their game to the next level!”
— Les Brown -World’s leading motivational speaker
“On many levels and in many different ways, we can have a tremendous impact on our world. If you’ve already identified ways you can touch your neighbors, Gibson’s book will help encourage and strengthen your spirit. If you have not, these pages will help you find that path!”
— Sammy Morris-NFL Player, New England Patriots
“I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Gibson Sylvestre to your company. I am convinced that his hard work, determination, and enthusiasm will be an asset to your organization.”
— Mr. H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr.-Miami Dolphins Part Owner and Huizenga Holdings, President
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INFINITE POSSIBILITIES INTERNATIONAL LLC (IPI) is boutique marketing, training, and coaching firm. IPI also represents professional athletes as well as musical artists. IPI is a well-respected global brand that has produced world-class sports, educational, charitable, entertainment, and technology events on 6 continents and in more than 50 nations around the world. Our CEO Mr. Gibson Sylvestre, MBA has spoken and helped hundreds of thousands of people on the subject of leadership development and personal development helping them becoming the best version of themselves. Gibson Sylvestre’s best-selling books, business mastery programs, self-mastery programs, workshops, and conferences have impacted individuals and companies all over the world. More information can obtained at: or

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