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How Coaching Turned Michael Jordan from a Great Player to the Greatest Player of All Time

“All coaching is-is taking a player where he can’t take himself.”
— Bill McCartney, College Football Coach

Many of us are capable of so much more. For some reason, it is human nature to self-sabotage or limit ourselves. We tell ourselves “we’re not good enough” or “we shouldn’t attempt amazing things because of the risk of failure or the risk of embarrassment”.  However, all of these self-limiters are false and fictitious.  The truth of the matter is that we all have greatness tucked deep down on the inside of us.
So…what’s going to bring it out of you? What’s going to propel your health to the next level? What’s going to propel your business to the next level? What’s going to propel your career to the next level? What’s going to propel your most intimate relationships to the next level?
The answer is coaching.
Jordan Deserves Credit For Wins; But
Coach Phil Deserves Credit For Preparing Jordan
Many people debate who should receive the credit for Michael Jordan’s success. Is it Phil Jackson or is it Michael Jordan?  Yet these two things aren’t mutually exclusive. I say both of them deserve the credit.

Great Talent Wins Games But-Great Coaching Wins Championships
When we dig deeper into Jordan’s past we find that before Phil Jackson came, Michael Jordan played MVP-level  basketball.  However, his team was nothing to write home about. At best, they were a good team, not a great one.  Then in 1989, something magical happened to the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls acquired Phil Jackson as their head coach.  That single decision revolutionized the Bulls, revolutionized Michael Jordan, and changed the history of basketball forever.
3 Secrets We Can All Learn & Apply From Phil Jackson’s Coaching Genius

Secret # 1-No Matter How Talented We Are,
We Need Coaches to Bring Out Our Best
Before Coach Phil Jackson came into Michael Jordan’s life he had never won an NBA world championship. As a result of Phil Jackson’s coaching Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won six NBA World Championships (very impressive).
Lesson: No matter how talented you are, you’ll need a coach to pull out the greatness within you.
                    Secret # 2-Your Coach Doesn’t Have to Be
As Talented As You Are
I say this respectfully but Phil Jackson would be considered a below average played compared to Michael Jordan. In the 1960s Phil Jackson played in the NBA for the New York Knicks. He was drafted in the second round which means he was not a highly sought after player. In fact, he was not a good offensive player at all. He was known for his defense not his offense. Michael Jordan was the complete opposite (talent-wise) from Phil Jackson. Jordan was the best offensive talent in the league and he was drafted in the first round of the NBA draft. At any rate, Coach Phil had something Michael Jordan needed; a coach who saw the bigger picture in mind and a coach with a great action plan.

Secret # 3-Coaching Can Either Make Or Break You
Can you imagine what Michael Jordan’s career would’ve been like without Coach Phil Jackson? The old adage is true, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. But no one ever stops to ask what if the student never prepares him or herself? In order for coaching to work for you, you must ask fast and apply yourself. Act as though your very life depended on it. Coaching will awaken things in you that you never thought was even possible. So my question to you is what’s holding you back? As my coach used to say to me:
“Why are you trying to delay the inevitable? Get up and make it happen because it will not happen on its own!”
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